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    My opinion guide to weapons(SR,AR,SMG)

    ok... i was bored as fk and i saw xii's V1 guide and i thought i should make one too to spare my boredom. I might add stuff later but im only POSTING guns that i have used before.... Also the color and shet was taken from Xii so give him credit for the long list.... ill just change my opinions to it

    L96A1: Well personally i luv this sniper, even nexon have nerfed it to 1-2 hit ko, no scoping with this just takes few practice and boom, u start no scoping everywhere like the pros. The only down side in my opinion is that its inaccurate like fk even scoping. Has LOTS of spread.... sometimes u can miss a enemy 3+times in a row when there right in the center of ure scope.
    use it if u like to take the risk of massive missing and killing
    M24: well idk why someone would like this sniper. 2hit ko, similar RoF as l9. Only good part is that its accurate so u wont miss much as l9. This sniper should be a good lead in into the l9 when u achieve the rank.
    use it if u cant stand the massive spread l9 have
    SR25: well THE best low rank requirement sniper. its RoF is very identical to m4 but tad lower. VERY VERY VERY x100 accurate.... u scope it in the head, gives u hs, scope it in the nuts gives a nut shot.
    GODL@_@ use it if u have massive mouse click skills or just dont like the l9
    MSG-1: what should i say...... no offense to the gun lovers but this gun is CRAP...
    use it to feel the crappiness:
    Dragunov SVD: Like some other guide said... this sniper is like nearly immune to hs... like its impossible to get a hs with thing... But it gives u a nice scope ... Similar to sr-25 but lower accuracy and more power i think..
    use it also if u have massive clicking skillz or like the pimpin scope.
    PSG-1: okay.... idk why the rank requirement is soo high but... this sniper is AWFUL. Gives u a bad scope that doesnt zoom much. 5 bullet clip when it 2hit kos.... Also like the sr-25 and draggy buy make the clip and scope smaller and u get this junk. Ibought the nx one for 30days, used it like 6-10 times and never used it after.
    Rating: 0/1000
    L96A1 SUPER MAGUM Well.... this gun is giving l9 with the sr clip and more accuracy and POWER. Some ppl think this gun 1hit kos 100%, the truth is that it doesnt. if someone wears a heavy vest and u snipe them from a long distance on their leg. they have 1hp left on rare occasions. But, VERY a bit too over powered...
    GODLY this gun is pure ownage. Get it if u can and ull own
    Assault Rifles:
    M16A3: Default weapon. Low damage, ACCURATE... Like if u could get an itech on like everyone says this is a godly gun. U just need to know how to use it
    AK47: 3hit ko gun, Low RoF, one of the MOST accurate Ar in the game. Pros use it lets think why.
    AK-103: well u got an Ak-47, u make it more accurate, lower recoil, and almost no spreadding gun and u have this ak-103. Godly, personnaly itech is useless.. just get acog
    M4A1 is gun favored by decently high rank players that can not reach the m416 yet. Great gun, Low recoil and 4-5 hit ko.
    M4A1 CQBR: Well u have a M4a1, make it a bit more powerful, accurate and faster reload and u have this gun. Now u know why its a rare gun
    MK16 SCAR-L: well not to be mean but i HATE this gun. IDK why I JUST HATE IT. i bought one for a day, got R@ped big time...
    MK16 SCAR-H: Put an Itech on this gun and u get a murder machine. Nexon made an error on the good side for this gun. Higher RoF. power, lower Recoil and what? SAME WEIGHT AS THE REGULAR SCAR-L. Get a Scar, put steroids on it and make it lighter.
    AUG-A1: THIS GUN FAILS. Just get the g36e instead...... End of story
    Aug-A1 black Aug with more power in the gun with the same recoil. Okay i guess... still not too good.
    Aug-A3 This is the AUG full power. 3-4 hit ko with okay RoF. I think very similar to the G36c.
    AK74-U: GUN THAT DOMINATES. Put an Itech, s3 silencer on it and ull have a killing machine in ure hands. This gun is like mixing the ak47 with a smg. lower power 4-5 kill, HIGHER ROF, and slightly lower accuracy.
    [B]K2: [/B]Great Gun. Use it when u cant use other gun like when ure a trainee. The 3 functions could get annoying..
    M14: Well if ure pro, or wall hacking heres ure best friend. 2-3 hit ko, accurate as fk, LOWEST RoF in the game other than snipers. Basically a sniper thats full auto and no scope.
    FAMAS: M4A1 with more recoil but Higher RoF. Okay gun... as i said only ppl that cant get the m416 use these..
    SG550: This is like M4 but more RoF and lower power. This gun is Perfect for precise aiming at medium ranges. NEVER EVER put an itech on this gun, u will fail hard and also NEVER buy this gun without a scope cause it ll become useless and NEVER attach a fast reload mag on this.... 20 is low enough
    M416: Heres the Gun i have been talking about. Lower recoil, More power, lighter, and maybe high RoF. Godly... Down side is its price...
    M416CQB: Well heres what most nx users use. M416 with an BUILT IN ITECH and a grip for EVEN lower recoil... Plainly godly. Get it if u have nx...
    G36E: Well heres the gun i promise that ull see every round u play. This gun saves BIG time GP by having a godly Sniper scope built in. 3-4hit ko Dmg, mild RoF, and easily controllable recoil like everyone says. Also for some reason this gun gets LOTs of HS...
    G36KE: For some reason i dont like this gun. It does have higher portability but i think its has lower RoF or accuracy or something. THe gun noise doesnt sound right also... just plainy weird.
    G36C heres the gun that took the built in scope from the g36ke and made it more lighter. Well u guys thing that this gun is useless then? WRONG. Put an Acog on it and it has thegodly accuracy with lower recoil because of the lower zoom. 3-4 hit ko, Medium RoF, and decently accurate and VERY VERY light.
    K1A: This Gun is like adding Mp5A4 and Ump and dividing by 2. To describe it, higher RoF then Ump, Higher dmg the Mp5A4. Great gun.
    UMP: The most popular SMG play one junk flea or Death Room and u will see one. 35 base clip, highest dmg in the Smg Class and lower RoF in the class. Great for CQC. Shoudnt be sprayed with, because of the low RoF.
    MP5-A4: THis gun is godly. Attach a s-3 and a scope and ull see Unblievable in ure screen. I used this gun today. I got 6 Unblievable, 13 fantastic, 19 ultra. And one Unblievable++++. Hope that answers ure question to how good this gun is.... Also i played total legit.
    MP5 RAS: Mp5 with Lower recoil and burst function. Great gun if u luv the mp5 since it did not loose any power.
    Uzi: THe WEAKEST gun the SmG class. Same RoF as the Mac-10 with lower recoil. HArd to use this gun. Recommended for Pros only.
    K7: Very popular. Built in silencer, VERY High RoF, accurate, low recoil. Down side is its power will be R@ped unless u can land most bullets.
    MAC-10: Mp5A4 with more recoil and more fire rate. Use only if u could master its recoil. Not recommended for noobies.
    P90: Legit HS machine. The recoil kicks up to achieve HS. The scope is okay, saves money so. Down side is its clip size of 100total and its reload speed. But Very light gun.
    P90tr: Will u take out the scope and put a silencer on instead. If u can get the itech its godly. Acog would be okay, but way better than p-90.
    P90se: Will this gun is P-90 with white paint and FASTER reload. Yes now this gun reloads VERY FAST. Godly.
    P90trse: will now u have the p-90 tr with faster reload and a pimpin camo. This gun in my opinion has a much lower recoil and u pwn with this gun everywhere...
    PP-19: Will u have a p-90, give it more rounds, faster recoil, higher RoF, more recoil, and higher accuracy and u get this gun. Attaching an Acog is useless.... ure screen will go crazy, Itech is ideal. Only use this gun under cqc battles. U will be r@ped if it has a bit of distance.

    will this was my long @ss guide. THe list was taken from Xii so give him credit for that. I changed every details and moved stuff around, added new guns that can be achieved by nx. i wasted lots of gp also >.> Total time taken for the guide was like 4hrs?
    hope u liked it
    I would appreciate if i received thanks for my work on the guide since it shows i didnt do this for nothing
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    If u want advises on anime i will glad to help u. Just gimme what kind of anime u want
    This pic is from Code Geass. If u didnt watch it yet, go watch it. If u hate it, dont talk to me. I watched both seasons 4+ times....

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