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    Cheat engine help + no reaload addies!

    I know there is a help section, i just decided to post it here because like no one reads the help section and when i last posted something there my thred went to page 3 in a day with only one reply.

    Cheat engine problem for me.
    When ever i try to do a Unknown initial value search it doesn't work. A box comes up saying "Scan error:controller:Failure allocating memory for copy".
    This is a real bummer because it was working 5 minutes ago when i was trying to get fly hack addies (found out i goofed up the hotkeys). Now it not working. And yes i used google and found nothing.

    And now the no reaload addies!
    Fortunatly the other scans work so i got these. Still working on infi ammo.
    Address: 11128E04 Type 4 bytes. If you know how to use this then happy having no reaload!

    And thanks hope u reply helping me with my problem.

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    Infinite ammo does work.
    I got it -_-
    But, you have to re-make it for every weapon.
    It's like fireteam, the scouts drop replica's of YOUR grenades.. just make replica's of YOUR bullets

    Edit: It's not freezing ammo if you use CE, way different than that >.>

    2nd Edit:

    Quote Originally Posted by DECAP1TATED View Post
    maybe it's sorta patched uh pl0x.
    if you have 30 ammo and you won't reload, you bullet's damage will be 0.
    Infinite ammo = You will always reload >.> DUHH
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