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    ct for combat arms - nametags - server hack - unlimited respawns - rejoin after kick

    first up is the one labeled exp

    set value to 500 to go into recruit/grunt server
    ir set value to 1000000 to go into elite or officer server

    next up is nametags
    there are 2 pointers listed i forgot which one is the right one but its one of the 2

    if ur on bravo team set the value to 1 for alpha tags
    if ur on alpha set value to 2 for bravo tags

    last up is unlimited respawn

    set the value to 1 in a search and destrot - quarintine or spyhunt game to always respawn when u die

    in any other mode set value to 6 and if u get kicked form a game by and elite or vote kick u should be able to rejoin

    i have a working hack with all of this i will post as well but u need ur own bypass

    stay tuned as i will next be releasing instant respawn and hover/glitch hack

    virus scan
    Virustotal. MD5: 649d4ec98cf89abb2f74e87823fbac80

    and once again

    u will need to make ur own bypass or get one somewere dont ask me cause i dont have one to share with you

    no screen shot cause its a .ct file there is nothing to screenshot

    i had no idea how many people in ca are on mpgh...i went in a game, and there was a room called "lol2much fly hack" and everybody had was fun...

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    is this a heiarchy site, or some REAL

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