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    Please reopen my thread I have some points.

    Help me please. I need chams working for Vista. The ones on here I've tried close in game but the older chams used to work ahwile ago til all the patches...

    The "Thread for working hacks" has old stuff and even teh XP chams are patches if you go to the link on there it even says so... I see why you closed it but people thanked me someone did and it is a good ieda you can't deny that... Even if you wanna remake yours just let us round up the CURRENT UP TO DATE WORKING stuff and put the last checked date on the hacks cause some of the stuff IS PATCHED! Anyone agree this is a good idea? Logically it is and I know it is so please speak your opinion, I don't want mod I got work, and lots of stuff to do, I mean I don't even play ALL that much and I just spend $10 on 10,000 NX for my first time last nite, heh, I was drunk and stuff my mistake lol)

    Anyways, at the moment, I run Vista. I got working xhairs, whitewalls, speedhack, (and accnt. gen's and more files on here working) chams don't last that long and I know what mode to run, here is my box stats:

    os: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium - Service Pack 2 (6.0.6002) up: 1day 10hrs 4mins 25secs cpu: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ (x64) at 2300MHz (4% Load) gfx: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 128MB res: 1600x1200 32bit 60Hz ram: 1207/2941.8MB (41.02%) [||||------] hdd: C:\ 96.65GB/286.56GB D:\ 1.01GB/11.53GB net: NVIDIA nForce 10_100 Mbps Ethernet - 100MB/s 499.59MB In 198.44MB Out

    Look, my thread mentioned your dead and the things wrong with it and had links to the actual threads they were posted in so You can see the screenshots, when they was posted, and I want to keep dates of thing working and update daily. What is the problem this?

    The thread I posted (kinda llong):
    After all these updates this is needed and I'd like to clean up the post or have an admin or high mod who games (and also you shoudl add me on MSN or talk to me on IRC maybe I can move my channel to your network, which is it on? Aw, sorry off-topic but PM me please.)

    Good work people who are contributing stuff even like the latest White Wall program, I remember when I manually edited every .wad file in the HL mod and CS betas betas and made my own White Walls for Counter-Strike beta 6 and other vetas and released when my alias was [myg0t]g0d. It is a cheat tech. but no it's not really a hack. For CS I had to open every .wad file, tons, then use Wally to make them all white or replace with all white same dimensions from JASC Paint Shop Pro/Adobe Photoshop, then make all the .wad files back. Then you had to create the .wads back. Make a .zip or rar file with them in the way to write over them and have such a newbie friendly readme.

    Back in the day this is how the first aimbot's worked (white walls) beacuse you had to set them to aim at a color, and with such super slow PC's, etcetc. Color aiming jut didn't and still never works compared to using injections or d3d or opengl, etcetc.

    Can't believe it but I been playing this months and months and Finally bought 10,000 NX last nite... What you guys think about the keys and hisec I always get junk.

    I bought a couple nx hisec keys and got a GP pass and that's it, and crap, the GP one I got a PSG1 CAMO 1 day but I ain't a huge fan of the sniper rifles.. I just want a perm. specialists then I might be abelt o finally buy a M32 grenade lunacher or minigun sometimes cause there is no sense spening # on NX but it was a first time thing, I got plenty of money, and at least its not drugs, sobered up 10 days in jail so CLEAN wow...

    I should of got the m4a1 but I just got out of jail 10 days for OVI been chillen work tonight but I was drinking and getting crunk K'ed out went to Speedway spent $10. I got a lil under 6k GP left, bought 2 keys and a m416 CQB a week, played a bit so I could put extneted mag on the m416 cqb and s3 and got the elite shamnu over months its all goo but bought Combat Beanie 7 days and some goggles til more GP, might buy a gp case see what i can get heh, some gogggles til I get the BEST gas mask/face guard or almost bought a cowboy hat +5 speed.

    Anyways this is the founder o myg0t, g0d heh...

    been lurrkig her for awhile now and finding working chams and shiz....
    Sorry for the rant, not my first post but wanted to let the CA section it's me and kinda intro myself and so on.


    in game I see people ghosting, flying, aimbotting..

    Every cham, I've used (all), even the working ones load fine and I get in game they don't work it closes Engline.exe (CA)... They do work for a second or 2 but not even 1 game . I've tried NBspeedhack, TNT Tools, etc etc, Valkerie, PerX, I know what I am doing...

    I was using hacks from here but atm the only things that seem to work is the whitwalls remover tool, xhair hacks (not real hacks), and speedhack, all the chams that are newer uploaded work for a few seconds then CA closes and etc etc. and Ive used many chams off this site and etc and other tools all work. I am no newb, well compared to the pros in CA I am but I was the main who coined the word rage and founded and registered

    Your famous ex[myg0t], g0d.
    YAY got out of jail for 10 days IM FREE!!!

    Sorry If I don't make alot of sense I'm kinda high and...

    Anyways the thread:

    Working Hacks for Combat Arms:

    Croz HaX, too many to name, just search, I'll get them all together to be uploaded and virus scan one GIANT xhair package with tons of diff xhairs, colors,designs, diff programs for em.

    WhiteWall Utility
    **Thread and Download -made by ĎÁŗҚ ĉҰρҢềŔ

    Nexon Account Creator
    *Thread and Download Here
    -not a hack but a useful tool, good work Don Diablo

    Dohp111's Unlimited Respawn trainer (Trainer with hotkey funny for elimination Pro, get 20 deaths in a 11 round game lol.)
    MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking - Hack, Hacks, Game Hacks, Combat Arms Hacks, CrossFire Hacks, WarRock Hacks, Knight Online, Counter Strike: Source Hacks, Counterstrike Hacks, BattleField 2 Hacks, Warrock Hacks, World of Warcraft Hacks, Knight Online and Download here[/url]

    Dohp111 you are awesome I love this!

    Injectors: (UPDATING LATER, got to work)
    PerX (my favorite)
    3 (adding later)
    4 (adding later)

    Enriques.dll [** Download .dll here
    !!! YOU have to edit the link so it says s p e e d h a c k it is filtering it on the forums!!!

    Ok, don't be asking for help in this thread, the thread and makers have readme maded and if possible I'll zip of all the hacks for a complete map pack of all public working ones if that is wanted and allowed to make it all easier for us and of course I'll have them scanned and looked at it will be all the real hacks just rared up and I'll een may write an extra readme or guide to hackign ahrdcore or making it no obvious lol...

    *PS Update my post the hacks and if I reply and put something please update it whenever if it work out good and also remove this, mabye put a updated this date in Asteriks and in italics.

    Anyways people please help this stay updatesd a new one is needed. Let everyone know it's time for a new thread for WORKIN CA Hacks, they might update it but files don't work most of them, need people who play the game daily giving feedback.

    Please sirs and gentlemen?

    Thank you in advance,

    tbh I use the EnriuqeseSS still just speed 1.3 and after a few games u can turn up, i almost bought 2k nx on a cowbot hat +5 % but I got a combat beanie and shiz lol.

    I'll update this and I hope the mods can edit he title and put the last up to date date in the main thread when we give them updates as well as the topic such as Working Hacks of of Day/Month(/Y)
    No credits where stolen all names mentioned it's just some ideas to help out the CA cheating community cause I need some chams I ean whitewalls an speed set at 1.3 is nice but I'd like more I miss tapping lol.

    Infamously know with the nickname [myg0t]g0d
    Founder of myg0t in 1996
    My IRC Chan atm is: #g0tmil
    linked to 4 networks and growing including MPGH!

    Combat Arms player CBL CLEAN

    Help me grow!1

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    Quote Originally Posted by mxshwarz View Post
    to big to read
    Quoted for the truth.

    Besides if you just want your thread re-opened ask a minion/mod over pm no need to get us in that discussion >.<

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    The best you can do, if i were you is ask in the request section. You won't get flamed but have a higher chance of what you want!

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