This tutorial has been made by me / tom_alle
today I am going to tell you how to protect yourself your stealers.

1.If your using internet explorer then DELETE IT

2. Go to
and download it.
3. Then do all the importing features from IE and all that and after all the install shit is done now is the time to erase the IE information.

4. Open IE and click tools> internet options> then under browsing history>delete all> then yes on the little box that comes up. now since a stealer wont steal any passes from IE then now its time to secure Firefox.

5. Open Firefox>options>tick use masterpassword> then enter a password. make sure you remember it becasue from now on you will need to enter it every time your start firefox,write it down like in your cell phone or something so if u forget it you will know it. Now your Firefox is safe.

Other Info:

MSN - make sure you have remember password or whatever its called and make sure its unticked so that cant get stolen.

FTP clients- if you use filezilla or cute or coreftp those will also get stolen. so just make sure that you dont have any stored information in there if you have root ftp access to your site or a hacked site or whatever. now your ftp passwords cant get stolen.

Other Messengers - make sure you have save password unticked to prevent stealers from getting them.