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    Quote Originally Posted by saanjave View Post
    If I 1ª player in red team
    I must press hotkey ???
    But I not activate the hack
    sorry poor English....
    Yes, if you are the host and have hack injected must press letter E.
    Quote Originally Posted by wafinasir View Post
    let me try

    - - - Updated - - -

    oh ya detected now . sorry guys
    Quote Originally Posted by Suffz View Post
    I also use it this morning, yep it worked but now it's not.
    Quote Originally Posted by Seanwong98 View Post
    Still working this morning

    Update: not working anymore
    Quote Originally Posted by Obliteration View Post
    This immediately gets Game hack detected...this was never undetected for me :/
    Quote Originally Posted by CandySmile View Post
    Yesterday , this bug is working fine but this time I just got one message that said "Game Hack Has Been Detected"

    I using Easy Injection 32 and 64 BIT can me know this hack was detected or the injector was detected ?
    Quote Originally Posted by nemphis View Post
    Guys,whatever injector I use , I always get Game hack has been detected, but for my friends it works fine, can you help me>?
    Quote Originally Posted by alifmakoppo View Post
    pls update new hp mastery bug
    Quote Originally Posted by kahee321 View Post
    plz update hp mastery bug i need the hack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Many members saying that was detected I will assuming that was detected, btw nice see that some members like this hack

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