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After registration and confirmation by your email you have to click "view add" and then on blue adds. Each add will load in 30 sec after loading at top of page there will be a green bar ( Where countdown of loading shows ) . There will be 5 pictures ( In pictures there will be some numbers of 2 digits like 77,04,62, ... etc ). 1 picture will be on left and 4 on right in green bar. select picture from right side which is like the picture of left side ( Means select correct number ).After it the add will turn in grey colour. Do same with all blue adds and they will also turn in grey and then go to your account there will be your money . In next day they will turn in blue again for clicking.
There will be your referral link in promotion tools .
If you need some help then ask me I will help you. Thanx
But if you register then plz do all 30 adds daily for fast and more money.Thanx
There is also a upgrade of account yo bronze,silver or gold .
In bronze you will get 3$ every day and it is upgraded by 25$ per month.