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    Post HOw To Make Own SoundPack .

    First get any sound you want not longer then 30 secs. (Get 9 Different Sounds u want)

    Rename them like this way

    2kill , 3kill , 4kill , 5kill and so on.

    Rename them exactly the same as the blackshot sounds files.

    Make sure the sounds files are in .wav format.

    And Copy the whole thing.

    Paste them on where your blackshot files are.

    Here's the root to the sounds.
    C:\Program Files\BlackShot\Data\_SG\sound\radio

    Newer Version
    C:\Program Files\Garena Messenger\Apps\BlackShot\BlackShot\Data\_SG\sound\ radio
    (I'm not sure if yours is the same)

    Overwrite them! Your done! Your first soundpack is done !

    Advanced Blackshot soundpack

    Sometimes you would like to get part of the songs as your soundpack? Now you can!

    Download WavePad First

    Select the songs that you want and drag it into the program.

    Select the parts that you do not want by dragging the point where u do not want to the part where you want it to delete. After that right click and cut it away.

    After you had the part of the song as the blackshot soundpack you wanted,
    is time to save your files! Rename the file name as the format 2kill etc: ( at which kill you want the sound to play)

    Save the format as .wav

    Your nearly done! Just keep doing the same steps and the soundpack is done!

    Text Soundpack
    Ever wanted a soundpack that says the text that u wanted? You can now!

    Again the program that you need will be wavepad.

    The download link is at Advanced Soundpack Section.

    Now open Wavepad.

    Select tools and scroll down to Text to Speech.

    You will see a pop up just click okay, you do not need to change anything.

    Now select which voice to be like when you the person to speak.

    After that, type the message that you wanted.

    Then save it as .wav format. Renaming file name to 2kill etc: ( at which kill u want the sound to play)

    Continue the step above and your done!

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