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    -Regarding Rapid Fire-Win.7 64bit only.

    Hi guys, recently I have heard most of you saying that some of the tutorials e.g. Rapid Fire by Funshion doesn't work.....But it actually does![ surely applies to windows 7 x64bit]. At first, my brother had problems trying to hack but after 5+ trials he managed to get pass. Now many of you guys may pass the gameguard and were on time but at Character selection, things doesn't seem to workout. What do i mean? Well most probably that your character doesn't load and after a while it says you have been idle and hence disconnected. I think most probably, re-download blackshot. Take the original files. Ctrl+c.(COPY) and make an original copy. Do not take the provider's original files. Oh and don't expect to succeed the first try when you JUST switched on your pc and was preparing to launch bs. It WONT WORK!! Additionally, you guys may say that your rapid doesn't work after a sudden change host. This is due to YOU BEING THE host. Solution: Just change host agn. :P Thanks me if i helped!
    Oh yeah, there is an update#
    I have heard that most of you succeeded when you get to log in however your rapid weapons don't load up. Solution:
    Restart the same way you did, however at gameguard delay should be slightly longer.
    For those who used w7 64b in the earlier ver., you need to check do this for the next xx conflicts then continue when prompted one more time! haha
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