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    Event For Chinese New Year

    Blackshot Online - Ang Bao Roulette

    Hello Shooters!
    Chinese New Year is a month away and it's time to play Ang Bao Roulette! Stay online with your fellow fraggers and earn your special Ang Bao from us! On the 14th of February, stand a chance to spin your Ang Bao for something amazing, totally risk free! What else are you waiting for!

    Event Period: 21st January to 14th February

    I. How to get Bullets?
    1. Play a total of 1 hour each day (limit: 1 Bullet per day).
    2. Go to Blackshot Online - Ang Bao Roulette to claim your bullet! *Bullet redemption starts 21st January 2013.
    3. Follow the instructions HERE.

    II. How to get Ang Baos?
    1. Collect 1 Bullet per day from 21st January up to 14th February (total: 25 days).
    2. 3 kinds of Ang Baos that you can claim:

    Orange Ang Bao : 6 Bullets to play
    Red Ang Bao : 12 Bullets to play
    Golden Ang Bao : 22 Bullets to play

    III. What are differences of the Ang Baos?
    There are 3 types of Ang Baos:
    Orange Ang Bao: UZI-NZ1 (3 Days)
    Red Ang Bao: MASS-NZ110 (7 Days)
    Golden Ang Bao: M4A1-NZ1 (14 Days)

    IV. When can I redeem my Ang Baos?
    -Ang Baos can only be redeemed on 14th February only.
    -Redemption site for Ang Baos:

    V. Why should I get my Ang Baos?
    -Players can spin their Ang Baos on the 14th of February and stand a chance to win an even better prize!

    - When you spin the Orange Ang Bao, you stand a chance to get:
    - UZI-NZ1 (3 Days)
    - AK47 Black (3 Days)
    - M24-Heart (3 Days)

    - When you spin the Red Ang Bao, you stand a chance to get:
    - MASS-NZ110 (7 Days)
    - HK416 Forest (7 Days)
    - AWP Black (7 Days)

    - When you spin the Golden Ang Bao, you stand a chance to get:
    - M4A1-NZ1 (14 Days)
    - HK416 N (14 Days)
    - AWP Ghost (30 Days)

    THERE's MORE!?

    Shooters who redeems a Golden Ang Bao are automatically qualified to enter a super Chinese New Year Lucky Draw!

    Lucky Draw Prizes:
    1st Prize: AWP Candy (888 Days)
    2nd Prize: HK416 Forest (88 Days)
    3rd Prize: Ang Bao (888,888 BP)

    So, What are you waiting for!? It's time to go collect your bullets and get your Ang Baos for this coming CNY! Let's play Ang Bao Roulette!

    - A day is counted from 00:00 to 23:59 hrs.
    - Bullet collection starts on the 21st January; 00:00 (GMT+8) and ends at 14th February; 23:59 (GMT+8).
    - The last timing for shooters to claim bullet each day is at 23:59 (GMT+8).
    - Shooters can only claim a maximum of 1 bullet per day.
    - Bullets can only be collected if shooters go to the website and collect their bullets (Blackshot Online - Ang Bao Roulette).
    - Players can only spin their Ang Baos on the 14th of February here (coming soon).
    - In case players failed to roulette on 14th February, they are guaranteed to receive the minimal prize of the Ang Bao. For example: 7 Bullets = Minimal prize of Orange Ang Bao.
    - Ang Bao Prizes and Lucky Draw Prizes will be given out on the 15th February (tentative).
    - Event/Promotion mechanics may change without prior notice.

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    thanx for the info

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    Thanks too lazy to check their main forum

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