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    Smile Your own Server (half of the connection until now)

    Attention! For now this tutorial only works for the server side and you have (until now) no way to connect. I will update this thread as soon as I find a way to connect to the server. This should just show you that it is possible to make your own Server for Battlefield Heroes.

    enjoy following this tutorial.

    Hi and welcome to this tutorial.
    I want to show you here how to make a simple Battlefield Heroes Server.
    Let's start by the things you need:

    1. Battlefield Heroes
    2. Battlefield 2
    3. Windows XP or newer
    4. Windows Explorer or something similar to it.
    5. Wireshark
    6. A way to redirect an IP to another

    Part 1

    The first step is to install Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield 2. This should be no problem.
    Now, there is an easy way to get both things BF:H and BF2 together. Get into the install directory of BF:H and change to the MODS folder. Then copy the folder "bfheroes". Go to the BF2 install folder and paste the folder in your clipboard in the directory "MODS" of BF2. Now you have got something like this:
    folder: mods



    If you want to play BF2 later again, remember to backup your bf2 mod folder by simply renaming it to "bf2_old". now just rename the bfheroes mod folder to "bf2".

    Now, if you start the BF2 Dedicated server, there should be no problem - and it should start.

    With another installation of BF2 you can proof that this is not just a trick with no sense. You will see this server as "A Battlefield Heroes Server" with the mod "Unknown Mod".

    Since now, there is no way to connect to this server, but I and the UC Forum members are searching a way to do this.

    If you got an idea which could help me to connect to the Server, post it here: Connect to IP / Own Server or send me a PM. This could be a way to modificate the client of Battlefield 2 or hack the BF:H client - and of course any other way.

    The proof that this tutorial works is in the other thread!

    If you want to thank me, please rep+

    PS: Yes I did this tutorial by myself and I found that way by myself. I have no credits to get here except of a credit to me.

    PPS: If you can help, please do so!

    This way of connecting won't work until we figured out how to solve the last pieces of this puzzle, but try it yourself.

    Part 2
    This is how to connect.
    The theory is: We bookmark a real server which is online 24/7 and then redirect this IP (which should be static) to our own Server in our Home Network or anywhere else.

    This is how to do it.

    Download Wireshark (Wireshark · Download) - This is a program which can figure out the IP your PC interacts with - and install it.
    Start it (for advanced users: do not capture now!)

    Start the game by visiting the official BF:H Website and click the Big "Play Now" button.

    Now select your character click "Play Now!" again. It doesn't matter on what server you land, because you won't stay there.
    Press TAB+F5 or your custom key-combination to bookmark this server.
    In the statistics board you should see the words "This server is bookmarked" at the top on the right.

    Tab out with ALT+TAB and close any Programs (except Battlefield) which use the Internet or could use the internet. If you jump over this step, you won't be able to see clearly with which IP you communicate as a Server.

    If you disconnected from this Server already, join it again by using the Options --> Connect to server Function.
    Just be sure that you are in a normal play and the game generates traffic.

    Now, run a Wireshark capture (if you have closed it, open it again!) by simply pressing Capture --> Interfaces on the Top Bar.

    Now, search for the Device which got packages (here should be only one) - and select "start".

    Tab back into the game by simply clicking on the BF:H logo in the Taskbar and play a bit.

    When you think you got enough (5 Sec of real gameplay are enough most times), tab out again and enter the Wireshark GUI. Then click "Capture --> Stop" in the top bar.

    Now you should only find about 3 IPs or less. Now you want to prove that you are proceeding with the right one, so let's see if it's a Eliot Ness Server for example. You can find out this by simply doing a TRACERT command in the CMD. Just open the Command Line ([WinKey]+[R], then enter CMD) and enter "tracert [ip-address]", so, in my example it could look something like this "tracert", just without the quotes. If you had success, you should see somewhere something like provider.eliot.ness (it doesn't have to look like this, but just find out if there is anything about a Server Provider). If you don't know any server providers, go here: Rent a Server - Free Shooter Game - Online shooter - Battlefield Heroes <-- These are the official Providers for official servers.
    Now, we have got the IP of our server. We just have to redirect the IP of the server to an IP of our wishes...

    can you solve this puzzle? please post and let everyone know!

    Some technical informations for everyone who want to know:

    Q: No punkbuster? No kicks?
    A: You are admin on this Server. That should answer all. You should be able to administrate this server like a BF2 one, so just start learning some console commands :biggrin:

    Q: Unranked or ranked?
    A: I have no idea. I can't connect :frown:

    Q: I have solved this puzzle.
    A: Please post it immidiately! Don't be too shy to make a new account! POST IT!

    Q: How can I thank you?
    A: Please rep+. Thanks. :biggrin:
    Look! I managed to make a post! Yahoo!
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    Sounds promising.Will we be able to get clothes / weapons / stuff in general that's only for battlefunders?

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    Too bad, I've no BF2 -.-'

    Please press thanks or rep if I helped you!

    A button says more than words!

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