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    How to file edit

    I shall show you how to file edit.

    1. go to C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Battlefield Heroes\mods\bfheroes\Objects\ use any program you have to open it, preferrably winrar. (download HERE)

    2. look for these files: Default Customization.xml, Emotes.xml, and Abilities.xml. Grab all three and put them in the location you want.

    3. right click -> properties on each of them, and disable the read only option.

    4. open up both the Emotes.xml and Abilities.xml, they should open up a webpage with the file location as the url.

    5.PAY ATTENTION: look at the top of the Abilities.xml, they should have a key sort of thing that will help you identify the class/faction of them (wierd names).

    6. Now for the editing right click Default Customization -> open with notepad. It should look the same as those webpages you have open. Use that key on Abilities.xml, it'll help you save some trouble.

    You must do this one right!

    7. on the Default customization file, you'll notice that there are 5 sets of script per ability, thats for each level of it, now you must add each of these levels for the abilty you add. i.e. abilty of Nat Gunner explosive keg: lvl1-4 in order: 2050;2051;2052;2053 (important note, you must only increase ablities to a max of 4, so you can increase the ability [you'll get kicked by pb if you have it in you shortcut with no point applied]). now you can do this for the abilities that you want, whatever level you want (above).

    As I type this out, I will not tell how to edit emotes for obvious reasons I realized while typing this, so you must figure out yourself (battlefunds, lol).

    Credits: Max Abilty Glitch creator(seen on many forums, lol). and giving me the idea to try out on different things.

    P.S. if you want to repost, ask me first.
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    Much people already know how to file edit, its not needed.
    And the most things you tell us, we already knew that.
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