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    What is Battlefield Heroes?

    What is Battlefield heroes?

    A Free Cartoon Style Shooter Game Developed by Electronic Arts (EA)

    Battlefield heroes have 3 Classes,
    -Soldier,Commando and Gunner

    Every Class has it own popular ability! (There's More i'll mention them later)
    More HP and Uses Heavy Gun!

    Battlefield heroes is based on Two teams are fighting all the time to see who will win, Royals and Nationals !
    Every team have The same classes, but the difference is the outfit and the weapons!
    Both are the same in weapons, but with new look and awesome sounds!
    You're able to make 3 heroes, so choose wisely what Class you want.
    You maybe feel it's kids game, but when you play it, you will find it fun!

    Gunner's Abilities:

    -Shield: Absorb most of the damage And Gives Shield to all the heroes near of him!

    -Explosive Keg: Makes huge Explosive to all the enemies and no way to defend yourself from it unless you use Blasting Strike to push it away!

    -I Eat Grenades: Heal yourself when any Soldier throw on your any kind of Grenade !

    -Frenzy Fire: Your Machine Gun will be more accurate over any Hero in the Battlefield and with every hit you do, Your gunner will gain more health!

    -Leg it: Moves Faster Than normal speed!

    Gunner Moves Slow, and most of the damaged is made in close / medium range.

    Starting Weapons:
    -Rudi's Ridiculous
    -Steiner's Shotgun

    -Maxwell's MachineGun
    -Hubble's Double Trouble


    Solider Abilities:

    -Burning Bullets: Makes your SMG fires burning Bullet, makes more damage and the fire lasts more on the enemies!

    -Grenade Spam: Throw More than 1 Grenade and makes huge damage to enemies and no one to run from it!

    -Combat Medicine: Most important ability the Soldier Has, Heals you and every hero near!

    -6th Sense: More like wallhack, Makes all of your team sees the enemies from the wall for a Specific time, But you will not be able to see the commando in his stealth.

    Soldier Is most important class in the battlefield, he support every hero in the battlefield and walks fast with powerful Weapons!

    Starting Weapons:
    -The Kommandant
    -Steiner's Shotgun

    -Charlie's Chopper
    -Hubble's Double Trouble

    Commando Abilities:

    -Mark Target: Mark any enemie for a short time and all the team will be able to see him!

    -Stealth: Commando will be invisible until he shots/knife anyone, powerful ability while shooting from towers!

    -Piercing Shot: Gives your sniper overpowered damage for a short time to be able to kill the enemies in one hit!

    -Troop Trap: Small Device traps anyone who moves near it and makes explosive causes high damage!

    -Poisoned Blade: Very Famous Abilitie to Players who like to playing with Knife, high damage and lasts with the enemies for a long time until they die !

    -Elixir: Best Ability for the commando to run if he gets attacked, makes the commando sprint for a time very fast !

    Commando Is needed to defend the Army while attacking from a long range, also he's so senky!

    Starting Weapons:
    -Oscar's Farshot
    -Royal Knife

    -Pilfered The Gourmet
    -National Knife

    Additional Information:
    Whenever you kill your enemie never forget to make him more mad to loss!
    Use the Emotes you got! By Pressing "Q" (Default) You will see the list of the emotes you own!

    You're Able to customize your hero with awesome outfits from the store!

    Funds & VP

    VP: You Gain it by completing the missions and buy with it awesome outfits & Weapons for a specific time
    Funds: You Buy it with your Real Money with many different Payments and buy Weapons & Outfits for ever!

    What are you waiting for? Join now and Go to the battlefield!
    Remember: Your Team needs to have All the Classes to be the best in the battlefield!

    Official Battlefield Heroes Website: BattlefieldHeroes
    Join Now and Win The Battle!

    This is update for the old thread + more information about what is Battlefield heroes.
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