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    How to Port Forward

    Port Fowarding is pretty simple.
    I'm writing a tutorial on how to port forward on a Linksys router, though your router may not work the same way, but chances are, it is.

    Routers that worked: (PM me your router brand if it works)
    Linksys [All]

    Anyways, first thing is first.
    You have to access your router's IP:

    Heres a list of IPs for the router (updated when I find more)

    If one of those prompted you to login, your in good hands!

    If it prompts you to enter a username and password, type admin as the username, and admin as the password. If that doesn't work, contact the administrator of the router, to get the username and password.

    As you can see, you should of clicked on the "Applications & Gaming" tab.
    Now here, you need to setup the ports that you need to forward.

    Now, here is where you can set up port fowarding.

    The first field is the application field. This is where you put the name of the application, it's recommended, so you don't get confused later days, when you have 5-10 port fowards setup.

    The next field is the start field, if your going to setup a port range, then you should make this number a bit less than your current port number. (E.G. 30020 becomes 30000). Else, just enter the port.

    The third field, is the end field, if your going to setup a port range, then you should make this number a bit more than your current port number. (E.G. 30020 becomes 30050). Else, just enter the port.

    The next field is the protocol, unless you know what type of packet is being sent, your better off leaving it as both.

    Your IP address is where you put your Local IP. To check your Local IP, goto the Internet Icon on the bottom right corner, right click, and goto status (If you disabled it, your going to have to look in your network, and find the connection). Then goto Support, and here is what it should look like.

    Take the last 3 numbers of the IP Address field, and enter it in the IP address field in your browser.

    Now check enabled!

    And there you go! Happy routing!
    You now know how to port foward.

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    This is for Belkin Routers

    This should work with the same instructions as above, you Will have different tabs to the picture above but i'll highlight the tabs you want to hit.

    You'll want to go to
    (If this doesn't work try

    which should look like this

    You won't be asked to log in until you select a tab.
    We're going to be looking under the 'Firewall' heading

    Go ahead and click on the 'Virtual Servers', it should ask you for a password.
    By default, there is no password. If it tells you to enter the correct password, enter 'admin'. If neither work, you'll need to contact the person that set up your router

    I have mine configured to open my NAT for Xbox

    Your private IP can be found as posted above by arunforce

    If you mess up at any stage during this process, you can just head to the 'Utilities' heading and hit the reset defaults tab

    If you have any questions, Send me a Visitor message or Private message.
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