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    Introduction to LSA

    This doesn't exactly belong in this section but it's the most relevant drug discussion subforum we have. A few people have been asking questions about LSA recently and having considerable experience with the drug I decided to create this resource.

    Note: As a potential precursor to LSD, LSA is a schedule III drug in the US. It is illegal to extract or consume. The contents of this thread are for purely educational purposes.

    1.0 What is LSA?
    LSA (d-lysergic acid amide) is a naturally occurring ergoline alkaloid. LSA is the main alkaloid in many seeds which have psychedelic properties. This is often debated as synthesised LSA has few psychedelic effects, suggesting that combinations of various alkaloids are responsible for psychedelic experiences. Common natural sources of LSA include the seeds of the Hawaiian baby woodrose and morning glory plants. The seeds themselves are legal to possess and can be easily purchased online.
    LSA produces many of the effects typically associated with psychedelic drugs. Although the drug is not visually powerful in comparison to LSD, it creates a similar alteration in consciousness and thought.

    2.0 Effects of LSA Consumption
    Taken from the Erowid LSA vault.

    2.1 Positive
    o mood lift
    o feelings of insight
    o therapeutic psychological reflection (introspective thoughts and discussions)
    o increased interest in areas of thought that are normally ignored
    o increase in giggling and laughing
    o sensory enhancement (taste, smell, etc.)
    o closed- and open-eyed visuals including trails, color shifts, brightening, etc.
    2.2 Neutral
    o general change in consciousness
    o pupil dilation
    o sedation of the body and mind
    o change in perception of time
    o looping, patterned, out-of-control thinking
    o slight increase in heart rate
    o long lasting "afterglow" of effects
    2.3 Negative
    o increased anxiety/paranoia
    o nausea/vomiting (common)
    o muscular tightness, particularly in the legs, back, and jaw
    o abdominal cramping
    o confusion
    o Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD)
    o insomnia

    3.0 Taking LSA
    As nausea is a common side effect of LSA consumption, this guide was prepared in order to try and provide a pleasant experience and to provide insight into the pharmacology of LSA. Again, the following details are purely for educational purposes. I do not encourage the use of illegal drugs . The following guide assumes the use of Hawaiian baby woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) seeds. Remember that LSA is only found in significant quantities in the nervosa strain and to purchase seeds free from pesticide. An asterisk denotes a recommended but not required material.
    Materials: Argyeia nervosa seeds, marijuana, a lemon, aspirin, peppermint tea*, mortar and pestle*.

    1. Prepare a warm mug of peppermint tea. Some say peppermint converts LSA citric salts into the more visually potent LSH citric salts, but I have found no reliable source on this. Regardless, I always drink peppermint tea when I take LSA.
    2. Grind 5*Argyeia nervosa seeds in a mortar and pestle until a paste is formed. Alternatively, cut the seeds with a pair of scissors. The seeds are hard so this is not advised as you are trying to maximise the SA:V ratio.
    3. Take 150mg of aspirin. LSA causes vasoconstriction and aspirin thins the blood, alleviating some discomfort.
    4. Cut up the lemon into quarters.
    5. Chew the crushed paste in your mouth, trying to swallow as little as possible. Attempt to hold the paste under your tongue. Continue for at least 10 minutes.
    6. When the paste becomes flavourless, squirt the juice from a lemon quarter into your mouth and swill it around. Lemon juice is a 5HT3 antagonist and 5HT3 is the receptor attributed to nausea from many serotonergic psychedelics drugs, including LSA and psilocybin. Basic pharmacology: a receptor antagonist inhibits or dampens agonist triggered responses. LSA in this situation is the agonist, binding to the 5HT3 receptor and producing nausea. Lemon juice acts as an antagonist, inhibiting this response.
    7. Swallow.
    8. Within 10-40 minutes of swallowing, it is normal for nausea to occur. Smoke some marijuana as soon as discomfort of any kind becomes apparent.
    9. Enjoy! An average LSA trip lasts for approximately 7 hours.

    *Suggested dose for a first time user. Dose varies heavily between individuals.

    4.0 Important considerations
    The most notable differences between LSA and traditional psychedelics is the heavy sedation and lack of ‘outstanding’ visuals. This makes it unsuitable in recreational settings which require large amounts of physical activity (parties, raves, etc). Due to the lack of typical visual effects, LSA is not an ideal recreational drug. While it can still be used in some recreational settings (friendly gatherings, group trips), the main value of LSA comes from useful insights and introspection granted by it. It is an incredibly spiritual psychedelic.

    5.0 Warnings
    • Due to vasoconstriction, LSA should not be taken by people who are obese, have a heart condition, have suffered a stroke, etc
    • While the visuals pale in comparison to other psychedelics, LSA should not be taken lightly. It has the potentiality to pick apart a person’s psyche and allow them to critically evaluate themselves. People with serious mental illnesses should not take recreational drugs.
    • Pregnant women should not take LSA due to possible uterine contractions.
    • All psychedelic drugs profoundly change thought and behaviour. Never take a drug alone the first time.
    • Do not take LSA if you are taking MAOI medications.
    • Do not operate any sort of vehicle under the influence of LSA.
    • LSA can cause ‘hangover’ symptoms including difficulty concentrating and mild detachment from reality. While these are usually not severe, no important work should be planned for at least 48 hours following LSA consumption. Don’t take LSA if you have an exam tomorrow, dumbass.

    If you have any further questions regarding LSA, feel free to comment and/or inbox me. It’s an incredible and often underrated substance.

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