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    Thumbs up What does it feel like getting high?

    What is the effects of getting high? Never had it before.

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    It's different for everyone...
    From my experience, I've felt a nice light-headedness that makes me feel like everything is in slow motion, and I repeat that same stupid statement over and over again... "You don't understand, this is all coming out and being processed in slow motion man"... and I enjoy smoking with a bit of alcohol (underage rebel tho), I don't know why I do, just feels nice.
    FYI: I rarely get high, and only in the last 2 weeks have I broken my 3-4 year streak of no-high by trying oil. Got super fucked up and I loved it.

    Now some personal stories:
    In a nice environment I can get a good high from some hash oil and just relax, get tired and take a nap... But I once smoked with my dad and I started freaking out because it was a weird scenario to get high with him... I remember going to the bathroom and feeling like I was frozen on the toilet. Not a very good time, I ended up eating a whole pizza though so that's nice!
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