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    Level 65 (beta)

    This is a tutorial written by me, this is how you get a rank of level 65 in the beta of Call Of Duty:World at War. The max is level 40, yet people will look at your level 65 account :P

    1. Rename the folder pb to pb2 or whatever you want.
    2. Search for nonpb servers.
    3. Join a random game and kill someone (non PB serv.) then leave.
    4. Check your current EXP via main menu and input it into CE.
    5. Repeat step 3.
    6. Type your new XP into CE, click next scan.
    7. If it you don't get one value, repeat 5&6.
    8. Once you are down to one value, click that faggoty red arrow.
    9. Edit the value of the address to 99999 or whatever you want and then freeze the value.
    10. Repeat step 3.
    11. Exit COD5.
    12. Exit CE.
    13. Rename folder pb2 to pb.
    14. Open COD5, join any pb server, whatever and enjoy your new rank and new weapons
    note: you can equip level40+ weapons but you cannot play with them ingame, yet.

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