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    Crash on startup

    So I recently reinstalled WaW (to cheat ) So i get it all reinstalled and the first time I start it up, it has all my accounts still and I load the first one. The game crashes. I rip that name's files out and set a new active name and that one crashing. They all crash when downloading account data.

    So I mess around with it, run as admin, run in safe mode, all that good stuff and every thing I do just gets it closer to crashing before even seeing the screen anymore.

    So I called activision support and they said my account was banned but this ban was like anything I've ever seen so I'm looking for a little advice. Is this a ban? I have cheated in single player with aimbots and wall hacks and zombie realism (of course..) but from what I remember bans are usually multiplayer restricted and keep me out of PB servers, not the entire game. I can't get on single player, I can't get on multiplayer, I can't smash the game with a hammer (yet..) So is this a ban?

    Blizzard, why you no gimmi?

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    Yeah i had the same thing , i Downloaded a zombie version of singleplayer it ran Fine except that i couldnt play with my friend, So i bought the game from Steam just yesterday And it wasnt starting !! Well ill tell you what i did that worked 2 me , Run the game Then you get Black screen Wait for like 1 oe 2 min. Then press on the keyboard button to pop up the windows menu , After that Bring up the task manager But dont stop any programs, Try to lower the game (you know when you press the _ button for ex.) , This will be hard btw, After you done it Close Task manager And you will ear a Sound from the game , Pop the game up again wait like 30 secs if your pc sucks And there you go You are inside the game

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