i have problem: sometimes my computer restart by yourself (some problems with power, i can't do something with this now) and after this crash my cod crash at startup with error: Call of Duty World at War Singleplayer/Coop has been stopped working (or something like that) after big research i realized there's something wrong with my folder profile, but now i'm not so sure as early because when i'm copying created early copy of folder "CoDWaW" (where's saves, mods etc.) game is still crashing. Also when i want to delete folder profile it's back by yourself, when i want to change manually profile in "active.txt" it's change automatically to previous profile, also tried changing sound options but it didn't worked too. google didn't worked, no-one have problem like i have. i don't know what to do now. re-installing game at least one for day have no sense. hope you guys will help me.