Ive been looking for a while for a mod menu that's new and recent for the pc like PnfV3 and The Programmer v2, basically a menu with Lots of options like a skybase and admin, vip and client thing and things like that but in a common.ff menu and a menu that works on Custom Maps and tbh i haven't the slightest idea where to even start to create something like that........

now i have tried to convert pnfv3 and the programmer v2 into a common.ff but there are some files in the Folder it comes in that are not in a default common.ff so yea i dont know.

so please if anyone has the know how and the time please could someone help me out?


P.S: if someone is willing to help please message me on skype: Joel.caswell101

P.P.S: i am willing to reward the person that converts a good mod menu (PnFv3 or The Programmer v2) and makes it custom map playable.