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    Post Bypass 1.7 Hotfix from tryarch (XP DVAR)

    Hey so i started up my server again on codwaw multiplayer and i created a decent playerbase without any patches so i could use a dvar and change the xp of how much people get per kill so i decided to patch my server to 1.7 where most people are at and i tryed the dvar but now it doesn't work it seems that tryarch has patched it in 1.7 is there a way i can bypass this, people have done this without a mod or anything maybe a script to inject into the server (sorry if i sound dumb, just tryed to guess what would be a possible method) or a crack etc, not 100% sure, help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    this is the dvar i used:

    scr set_dm_score_kill 1000

    still works in default version of codwaw fine, not on 1.7

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    1. find value in memory and change it
    2. try sv_cheats 0 or developer mode
    3. dont bother and use EasyAccount
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