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    Statpadding - How to and How to avoid bans

    Hi everybody i'll start with a premise: so far i didnt hear about anybody getting banned for stat padding, BUT in bfbc2 and mostly any kind of fps this is considered cheating.

    Said that lets proceed with the how to.

    Yes there is a video about it, watch it here

    indepth explanation:
    get into a server with a buddy, server must not necessary be hardcore, it just needs the friendly fire option on.
    your mate spawns a bot and shoot at it,
    you repair it getting tons of exp, my self did 3 levels with 13k points, nuff said.

    There is the same thing with the assault class:
    get a team mate and both assault.
    find a fire spot that will decrease your health and make your friend drop out a medkit: he will farm with your health,when you die, he will ress u up and farm more points.

    i guess you can avoid this by entering a friendly fire server either, but i didnt test this.

    Ofc works on support too, easyest way:
    spawn an ammo box, your buddy shoots with any weapon and enjoy easy points.

    For recon, that is the hardest class to stat pad, the only way is to do it with somebody in rush maps and get flat exp by DISABLEING THE MCOM 200 exp each disablement.


    premise, this is just common sense stuff that i'm confident most of you know already.

    Server type prefered: Rush Get into a rush to find a safe spot, better inside a building and away from your teammates
    Squad: Choose empty squad to avoid unwanted players spawn on you while statpadding
    Safe points: To be in "safe point zone" i personally choose to set max point as 7k, then play the game normally, at next round your friend will get the 7k. This way ppl will not grief at you or mostly they wont care much.

    What to do if people start grief at you?
    Start playing the game or either quit the server, i think u'll get the points anyway after the match is over.
    If you'll keep doing the job they'll tk you and it will be fun as hell

    If anybody gets banned, please post it and say what you did, from how much time, your max score in games and if your buddy got banned too.

    Said that,
    Good luck in statpadding!!
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