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    today i bought radeon 6750 and i got battlefield 3 for free with it, cuz i had a voucher and shit, so i was happy as fuck.. i came from school and i wanted to install it, i turned the computer on ready to install bf3, but my gpu wasnt working :/ so i read the instruction manual again and it said that i need to connect a 6 pin connector into the graphic card, but... there is no 6 pin connector, so i need to buy a new psu, cuz i cant use an adaptor aswell because it could damage the card im so angry.

    didnt read the whole thread sorry but 10 cents could solve your problem. As long as your PS has the white power connectors and not only sata. to be safe let us know your PSU make/model
    CablesToBuy™ LP4 to 6 pin PCI Express Video Card Power Adapter: Electronics
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    I assume you are talking about molex connectors. Those are not good to splice power from as that entire line could short something else out.

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