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    BF3 Recoil Mouse Script [REQ/HELP]

    is it correct a Recoil Script cant be detected ? [since it only helps controlling ur mouse]

    if so could some coder please make one ? if can do something in return maybe i can help

    i have used some recoil script some months ago on CoD MW3 and when i was shooting it automaticly turn the mouse down
    also u could adjust it like much recoil much mouse help low recoil low mouse help etc.
    for CoD games it didn't really help but i think the guns on BF3 have way more recoil added ^^ maybe it will help big time.

    Or if i learn how to make scripts myself is there a way to make an .exe file of it that can't be detected....i read everwhere AutoHotKey is always Detected.....anyone knows more? ^^

    is makin macro's for your mouse undetected ?? maybe i can use Quick Macro software ?
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