Heya, been pretty busy over the past six months or so and haven't been able to do much at all little alone trying to learn c++.

Any way, since things have slowed down a bit I have seen no recoil macro's. I'm not sure how people do this, one thing I noticed on one youtube video Is I think the person Injected the macro into his mouse driver softer (X7 mouse) I think, that's what it looked like to me, than he selected some options on it not sure what it was. If that's the only way to get a no recoil macro by injecting it into the mouse driver software which is what it looked like to me wouldn't this be detectable by pb or would it not be detectable since it's not getting Injected into the game process.

Would it be possible to make a no recoil macro with using just the mouses driver software for a Razor Deathadder? Or do I have to actually get a script and Inject it into the mouses driver software or the game?


PS: I'll try my best to get back into learning C++ but that depends if things pick up again.