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    Arrow [Cr]ayola is now accepting new members :D

    Clan [Cr]ayolais now accepting new members. (yes the markers, crayons, pencils, colouring books, cats, etc)

    The clan is pretty new but we made it all the way to rank 2672 with just 5 members (the 6th member is new). In order to rank up more we need more members.

    In order to join, you must be pretty decent at all modes. We play a lot of
    ghost mode in clan matches so it wouldn't hurt if your good in ghost mode.

    Our clan leader got high and changed our old clan logo which is the same but with orange background and black border into our unicorn on her period, please note it will be changed back soon.

    We have a 1.9899 KDR (please round it up)

    -2+ KDR or atleast 1.5 KDR that's growing.
    -Good at all modes.
    -Friendly (No qqing, accusing people of hacking, rage quitting, insulting, blaming clan mates, etc)
    -Active (All of our clan mates are super active)
    -Staff surgent and above ranking.
    -Glitching is allowed but not in clan matches. Hacking is strictly forbidden, unless on another account.
    -No spamming( Due to my craputer, my fps goes from around 20 to 10 when people start spamming, so until i get a better computer, please dont spam.)
    -Loves lemon cakes.

    If you think you have what it takes to become a marker in our pack, apply now. Me or the leader will look over the applications and accept if you are valid to join.

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    KK ill join cap

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