Hi guys Massive here my clan VeryNice has picked up very well! we a little family looking to adopt lots and lots of players yes we do farm but you dont have if you dont want to since the clan has picked up we will be recruiting Master Sergeants or Decent SFC's. Thanks for reading the introduction now for the Information. /yea

Rank:N/A[We just a new clan]
Status:100% legit no hackers wanted here thank you!

Where just looking for some fun people who are ''decent'' players and who just wanna have fun and maybe do abit of farming along the way If you have any questions please post here thanks i will be checking the the applications very often so you probally wont have to wait longer than 5 minutes to be accepted you sent your apply within the next few days.

Thanks for reading,The Link to clan is in my signature the thing under my post! any problems with the link just search VeryNice on the Z8 games site.

Hope to see you there! /

Regards Massive x