-[Game]- Are Looking for members who enjoy playing crossfire and who are good at it!

We will be a Ghost Mode clan and a Farmer clan I dont care if you got a problem with that im just here to get some members for my clan.

Name: -[Game]-
Rank: N/A [New]
Members: 1
LT's:1 spot free [I dont need 2 LT's]

We are a clan of Fun But we do have some rules

-No Hacking/Glitching [In Clan Wars] [We dont mind glitching in Public Games]
-Have Fun and enjoy crossfire!
-Ventrilo is a MUST! [Its easy just download it!]
-Mic Not Required be great if you had one [Mic required for clan wars!]
-Dont Rage Quit Clan Wars

Thanks for reading hope your interested in joining!

-[Game]- Join Now! /

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