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    The [U]nborn are [R]eborn!

    Name of the clan : [R]eborn

    Clan rank : 4799

    Members currently in the clan : 27

    Requirements to apply : Must have a good KDR and speak English!

    Link of the clan page : Z8Games ? Home of the Best Free MMO Games - Clans - Clan Home

    Website: https://www. wix/ClanReborn/Crossfire

    Clan Name : [R]eborn

    Clan Story:
    Long ago, In the great Pangea. There lived a gang called Unborn. They used to commit petty crimes and were very mischevious. Yet they were the perfect assassins! Everybody relied on them to kill and they always got the job done! They were known as Unborn because despite anything that happened to them they would always come back! One day disaster struck. The Unborn never returned! Now 5000 years later they are Reborn! They are Reborn as this very clan!Though they were a small gang we always want to make this clan bigger! So what are you waiting for? Make this clan proud!

    What we are all about:
    So basically my clan is a new clan! We aren't noobs though, lol! So I made this clan around a month ago and it's going great. Everyones happy. We have daily clan wars and clan practices. We have members that are pro scopers, knifers, sprayers lol everyone! Atleast 3 or 4 ppl are on at all times so its really easy to have a clan war. There are no restrictions as to when we have this clan war. Basically I am recruiting for more and more people to join the clan. I want to get this clan up there. I want this clan to be more active then it already is. I want this clan to be known. I want every member of the clan to feel proud that they are actually in this clan! We were Reborn to be number 1! Lets not blow it! So join now!

    In [R]eborn we accept everyone into this clan! Yet we also need some of the following to join our clan:

    -Ghost Mode Pros
    -Long range shooters
    -Pro Scopers

    Overall we would appreciate if you have a special skill of somekind or something like that!
    Some of the guns we prefer our members to have are:

    -Anytype of Ak47
    -M4A1 Scope
    -Beretta AR 70
    -Kriss Super V

    Well in [R]eborn we always have a strategy in a clan match. Wether it is for a person to go right or for a person to go left. We always make the plan before so we don't have to pay the price after. We also have in clan practises. This helps the clan to get to know each other better. We also get to know the rounds better! We make

    So [R]eborn started. I started recruiting and things just got better and better! Our clan went from the bottom to somewhere in the middle! LOL! But I know this could be the Clan that makes it all the way! We will surely conquer! LOL so apply now!

    Click here to join the best clan ever!!

    Sexy Hollywood Login Mods:

    Pokemon Badge Mods:

    Thank me if I helped! Or thank me for free cookies!

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    Lol just to let you guys know that this is Slegewnd but on my new acc! My old acc is demented or my pc wont let me log in or some next thing! Lmao so ya thats why if u have any questions about the clan then pm me!

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