Vengence is recruiting the best of the best to take with us to the WOGL tornament if your up to it let me know:
best gun/s:
favorite map:
favrite mode:
maturity level(1-10):

Help us rise through the ranks when we get 20 ppl (we have 8 now) i will start adding more slots for LT's and Members. And i might change our clan symbol.

P.S. Starting soon every Saturday i will have a clan ZP challenge. The challenge will be a 12 minute FFA and whoever wins the FFA will get 10,000 zp and if you want 20,000 zp you will have to 1v1 me in Alaska and if you win instead of gettin 10,000 you will get 20,000 so join today!!

P.P.S When we clan war please dont hack