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    Post Zoom CF Clan

    Table of Contents
    I. About us
    II. Rules
    a. Duty as a clan member
    b. Consider this before applying
    III. Recruiting
    IV. Ventrilo
    V. Contact us


    Zoom is a 25 man clan, most of us are friends from other MMO's. It feels more like a family when there's just 24 good friends by your side than when there's 99 members you can hardly trust. You probably figured that we are not trying to be the 1st clan on the rank system. We believe that “Winners are not those at the top but those who look at every bad situation with a great expectation." If you are looking for a clan were you are not "just another member", then this is the clan for you.


    Every clan has rules to follow. Obviously, we don't support hacking, glitching or any other action that violates Crossfire's "Terms of Use". Zoom limits it's roster to a max of 10 members. Clan hoppers won't be re-invited.

    b) Duty as a clan member
    We don't want our members calling hacks ("QQing") all the time on chat (it's okay to do so every once in a while, we're only human). Every member needs to keep in touch with each other through Ventrilo .Using our ventrilo server is optional when pub-ing, however is a must to use it during scrims, not only ventrilo itself but also a microphone.

    a) Consider this before applying
    We're not up for WOGL, and we don't plan on participating in leagues anytime soon. The reason is very simple; we are just not ready for it. Once we get new recruits, we'll get to know each other as a team, practice and then we might qualify. I want to add; we don't take into consideration the player's rank. Keep in mind that at the moment there's just 5 members in Zoom so it may seem like the clan is inactive. We don't have any hurry in filling our roster, we're taking our time to make sure we make the right decision. Before you apply, you need to make sure you meet with the clan's pre-requisite:

    - Must be 13+ (mature)
    - Must have a 0-100 ping.
    - Must have a 1+ KDR
    - Must speak fluent english.
    - Must use Ventrilo (with a microphone during scrims)


    As I said earlier Zoom at the moment has 5 members, this means we're taking 20 more. Z8Games clan site link:Z8Games ? Home of the Best Free MMO Games - Clans - Clan Home. Before you apply, there's important information we take into consideration. Please include the following details in your application (or post it on our official forum thread); example,

    - IGN: Nsigna
    - Age: 15
    - KDR: 1.9
    - Ping: 80
    - Favored Game Modes: S&D and TDM
    - Hours Played Per Week: 20-35 hrs
    - Location: USA - China
    - Profile Link: Z8Games ? Home of the Best Free MMO Games - Clans - Character Details


    It's a must to use Ventrilo (with a microphone) during scrims. However, it is strictly for clan members only so that means you won't find the information here. Private message B96. or Nsigna for the info.


    You can contact me In-Game by the username B96. or Ngigna. Xfire is the best way to get in touch with me n0obychoob. Sending a private message on forums is also an option. If you fail to contact me, you can PM Nsigna In-Game.

    IGN: B96.
    Clan: Zoom

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    Winners are not those at the top but those who look at every bad situation with a great expectation.
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