°Temple™ Is Recruiting

°Temple™ NEEDS HELP, So we are looking for professional players who want to show up and play and be active and willing to practice daily and willing to help each member and be part of a family and skilled team, We have a nice clan and we are Professionals (PRO) we reached rank 680 with 40 members, and you should know that there is over 70,000 clans in Crossfire, but we want to make it the best clan so we are recruiting some players.
Therefore you are welcome to join our clan any time and u will definitely like our clan, we are friendly guys here, we always have fun. Just try come and pay us a visit, you won’t Regret, omg I forgot to say that UKServers is the best for most of our clan members. Now please take a look on our rules and requirements

°Temple™ Rules & Requirements: [Must Read]
  • * -01- * You Should Register Immediately In °Temple™ [Web-Page] After Applying.
  • * -02- * The [URL]: Access denied - Personal site
  • * -03- * U Should Check Our Web-Page’s Forums Often To Be Able To Communicate With u.
  • * -04- * English Is The Main Language In Clan Chat.
  • * -05- * Try To Be Active And Get At least 15 Points Per Week.
  • * -06- * Must Have Positive KDR 1.5+ Is Recommended.(Exceptions Can Be Made)
  • * -07- * Must Be Legit>Don’t Use Any Hack Or u Will Be Kicked From Clan.
  • * -08- * Never Go Clan War By Yourself. Unless u Have 1Lt Or Leader With u.
  • * -09- * Try To Be Descent And Show Respect For Your Team And Even The Opponent
  • * -10- * Post a message if u will be inactive for a while to avoid kick
  • * -11- * U Have Only 2 Chances So Don’t Blow Them Up
  • * -12- * [NO DRAMA.] Please

And if you have any questions feel free to whisper me in the game.

Now Let’s See What We offer In Return

In return for your dedication, we offer a clan which is responsive to their members, creating a community grown with friendship and team work. We offer exclusive competitions that will be held for °Temple™ clan members only. and much more which will be announced soon. We offer a system developed by merit, not favoritism. If we work hard, we can accomplish anything.

Remember, it's our °Temple™, Let's make it the best we can possible make it.
Thanks to anyone who is willing to help °Temple™ .
Best Regards, Lieutenant MAYSTA