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    UPDATED CF Clan Advertisement Section Rules

    Rules for Crossfire clan advertising section. Credits to ShadowWrath for original (RIP)

    When posting about your clan.

    • Post your clan link which can be found here.

    Basic rules.

    • Do not flame.

    • Do not spam. This includes making duplicate threads AND threads irrelavant to CrossFire.

    • Do not make off topic or stupid posts, and do not double post. This IS spam.

    • Post in the right section. This means clan advertising STAYS in this section.

    • When responding to other Clan advertising threads do NOT say that your clan is better or how much this clan sucks or any thing negative to it they are simply trying to get members for there clan and not to be Spammed/Flamed.

    • And there is to be only one thread for a clan eg. if a clan as 5 advertisment threads 4 of them will get closed (thus reducing spam)

    • You are ALLOWED to bump your thread to get more attention

    • Can NOT be named as the "OFFICIAL" MPGH clan

    So keep the the problems under control.

    -CF Minions
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