#SayGoodbye? Apply.

- I believe that i can make a good clan. I don't want to have 100 members. I want to have even 20 members but 20 good members.

- To join this clan you have to be respectfull and nice.

- I mean that there are more requirements.

- First off all if you want to join you gonna make a try out with me or an LT.

- You need Teamspeak 3, a good K/D. positive, and we will see how you play on try out.

- If all is ok. You are good welcomed in the family!

- We are a pro scrim clan. Scriming is our life! We play together in publics to make daily
mission or to have fun!

- No h4ck, glitch.

- Europe clan.

If you are interested whisper me in game -IGN: _Dany. , or come on Teamspeak3:

We gonna talk about ESL and Wogl if we are more players.