Hello Kiddies of MPGH.

Today I made a new clan because the past clan I was in, fell apart.

The clan name is Technique. here is the link:


Clan Logo:

•No Hacking or Glitching.
•10+ Clan points Minimum per week.
•Must keep positive k/d.
•No Cussing. [Clan members / Opponents.]
•No spamming.
•No disrespecting other Crossfire Members.
•Inactive players will be kicked from the clan.
•You leave this clan twice w/o reason you will not be accepted again.
•Clan chat for game play with eachother.
•If you "Rage Quit" clan wars you will be directly kicked from clan.


-All blank applications will be denied.
-All one sentence applications will be denied.
-Must follow Application Layout:

-Hours a day you play:
-Days a week you play:
-Past Clans:
-Are you willing to be Loyal to clan(No clan hopping):

We will participate in the upcoming WOGL tournament.

I made this clan today about 10 minutes ago, but I managed to get 4 players already.

Thank you