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    A clan that has skill & doesnt care about your rank.If you got good skill and wish to join us go ahead.You can be a low newbie rank but yet top a high ranking player. Ranks don't matter, it is your skills and your logic.We use TeamSpeak3.

    Name of the clan:


    Clan rank:


    Members currently in the clan:


    Requirements to apply:

    1.No Flaming
    2.Respect your clan mates
    3.Be active
    4.Have Decent skills or better
    5.Be on for at least an hour or two every day
    6.Any rank is allowed as long as your a decent player
    7.If you could mostly speak English, Spanish is allowed too i am Hispanic so I can understand you
    8.Try your best
    9.Work as a team

    Clan Rules:

    1. No Hacking allowed.
    2. No false ad's from b.s crap
    3. No trolling unless you've been trolled
    4. Have respect for others.
    5. Don't underestimate someone due to there rank.
    6. If told to do something, don't question the order, its usually for a good reason.
    7. Be active as much as you can.
    8. Be yourself when we're hanging out and goofing off.
    9. Try to use TeamSpeak as much as you can, this is a payed thing, not a free thing.
    10. Try your best and help each other out as a team.

    Clan Wars: (For those whom wish to join us)

    For clan we try to do it three times day or more and about 4-5 days out of the week. When we do clan wars I like you to be using TeamSpeak 3 with us to give out tactics and easier form to work as a team. Don't be pushy about clan wars, they come in good time. If you would get teamspeak to join us that be wonderful. We usually have division groups of 5. So half the clan splits up to do more clan wars.

    Application Format: (Please follow if you could if your applying or wish to apply)

    Location: (USA/Asia/Canada/ etc.) For USA include ur time zone
    Occupation: (Meaning are you a sniper, a rifle user, smg user,etc.)
    Best At: (As in are you good in S&D, TMD, Gm etc.)

    Link of the clan page :



    Ranks don't matter to us as long as your active and pretty well off. I've met many low rank people whom are good at fps and where new to cf so i don't really judge on ranks. We are also planning on forming tactics for clan matches and normal matches so we do need different type of cf weapon users, i.e: Snipers, Knifers, SMGers,Riflers,Shotgun,etc.(this also includes decoy/kamikaze people :P)We use TeamSpeak3 to do voice-chat and give out tactics/orders better, just in case if you use that and wish to join us in our voice-chatting group ( not all of us use mics only some of us do so you don't need a mic to join us you can hear and reply back by typing that is perfectly fine by me.) And yes we where Berserker but we changed the name to make it sound better xD.

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