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    I want to make this clan a really pro and active clan... i already have a core group of players that will always be in the clan and will be active a lot, most of them are my friends that i know irl and are pretty good but i want to make this a really pro clan and maybe if i get enough PRO ass players i can apply to be ESL

    We are planning on becoming an ESL clan if we have enough good members, and so far that is Me, InFamous_BiH and NexT...?

    What we want:
    -Kdr 1.5+ (not a necessity but we would like that)
    -Able to make calls
    -Able to make picks
    -Able to hold spots
    -Frag, and be ready to CW

    If interested please include the following in your application:
    1. Age
    2. Country
    3. Activity
    4. Kdr

    Your applications will be looked over by an lt or ldr.
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