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    Recruitment in the clan W꧆姆

    Hey , guys this clan was made in apr 3 of 2011 and within lyk 3 to 5 months we ranked up so fast we only add Any pro player rank should be upper than SFC its a new rule we jus added..... we add SFC and higher and i am the Clan LT We are
    pro.... So if u can join.... join pls we really need active and pro player.... thogh we are tough tough and well m Master sergaent and by now we only lost 4 matches with pro clans like Mal..... we dont hack for shyt even if u wnna hack jus ask Clan Lts than they will give u permission pls my requesis to join my clan W꧆姆 (WEST COAST)..... JOIN PLS if u have any questions jus posted in the comment and don be the fuckin strager by staying in a clan for a day and leavin tommorow........ especially we make clan LT whose rank are 2nd Lt and higher than that incase if player is active and can recruti more than 8 players a week also can be Clan LT.... Pls fell free to JOin this Clan......
    Clan- W꧆姆
    RANK: 3176

    Link to join
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