Hello everbody, i just started to make a clan AGAIN. I only have 2 members and is my friend, he sucks kind off i want good players.. We use Teamspeak too.

Name of the clan : #ŠuBsteP.™

Clan rank : 103618

Members currently in the clan : 2

Requirements to apply : - Teamspeak - Skills - Active

Link of the clan page : Z8Games


Not like this: WTF HACKER NOOB, i hate guys saying that only if is true.

So thanks for reading, too lazy then watch this:

ElectronicIvan's Channel - YouTube

Click the link, is going to my youtube channel and it will automatically play about the clan. I hope guys will join, So we can make a clan trailer. This is only about fun and maybe we will go ESL if we are that good.