Hello My clan Fortify is recruiting!
just got max limit of 100 members so all join if you want!
We have a ventrilo server which is a voice communication server
which allows us to call strats ingame and stuff :P
gaining many members everyday
i understand this is a hacking site so if your going to
Hack, just don't get caught
We often Participate in Echo 8 Scrims
and CW often
No QQing
No Hacking
Respect Clan Members
Apply to clan with this format:
Were you invited and by who =yes, Babybluex
Average Ping = ?
Average FPS = ?
Kill Death Ration = ?
Age = ?
Do You Speak English = ?
Country You Are From = ?
Do You Have Ventrillo = ?
If Answered No, Are You Going To Get Ventrillo = ?
Any Extra Info You Would Like To Add =

If we accept you please read messages for Ventilo info and the password
APPLY HERE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^