If your looking for a clan, That doesn't have a band, Then come along, And join my clan! -----> Z8Games We ain't so pro, but we ain't a noob, So stop hacking and just join my clan! If you still hack, don't you even think, to join my clan. If you suck and wanna join a clan, come to us and have fun! If ya bored and active, but doesn't have anyone to talk with, come on and join our clan! (ok if you think this is a bad poem, then try making this in under 1 minute-_-) We are the dreamers who dream, We wont stop till our dream is done! The goal of the dreamers are, to become the top ranks who doesn't farm. Thank you and please join my clan(*[d]r3am3rs*) DON'T COPY MY POEM I WORK SO LOW TO MAKE!>