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Please Apply Using This Format:
3)Favourite Gamemode
4)Kill Death Ratio (KDR)
5)Why You Would Like To Join

(1) No Hacking or Glitching
(2) Must Speak English!
(3) Must Have Ventrilo To Clan War
(4) No Offensive Language
(5) Must Have a (+1.0 KDR)
(6) Respect The Leader And LT's
(7) Do Not Leave A Clan War! (Unless An LT Or Leader Says You Can, Due To: Hacking)

Come check out LifeStyle™ we are a very active clan war clan, we created our clan 2 weeks ago and already rank 2500. We have 188 total clan wars completed in just that little amount of time. We have a 73.4% win percentage. If you are looking for an active clan war clan and you have ventrilo this is the clan for you!