Clan Name Our clan name is Ace™?

Rank - 521

A Motto about your clan - "Live to Kill, and Kill to Live."

Clan Summary
We're a chill, over average clan, that mainly clan wars, you could catch us warming up in a pub perhaps. I have another clan called Lucky? I will be getting the members from there, seeing as I'm the leader of both clans.

Clan Requirements
Positive Kdr of a Minimum of 1.5(Some Exceptions.)
Fluent English
Game Sense

Clan Rules
1)Speak English, please.
2)Be Active, as much as possible.
3)Be mature, there is a time to fool around lmao ._.
4)Download Ventrilo, and use it.
5)Apply with your Main account, please.
6)Do not have a 'hackusation,' Simply, wait and save the replay and submit a ticket..
7)No Inactivity(Minimum - 3 days, Unless alerted an LT or Leader.)
7.5)Have fun.

Clan Application
-Your application must include the following:
Speak Fluent English(Yes/No)

Additional information -
I am the leader, We currently have 2 LT Spots left aswell, 4 were taken by trustworthy, hardworking, disciplined members/friends of mine. I would enjoy speaking with you, for any questions you may have try catching me ingame, or messaging me. Alright, Enjoy.

Clan link - Z8Games