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    ECoA - Reqruitment Thread - EU/Casual

    About ECoA:

    Chill clan having fun together in Public matches. Respecting others granted. The main point of ECoA is to build up a community that play together regularly, and basically having fun together. Just keep it clear we're not the CW clan, but the public clan. Still, we play CW pretty regularly, but CW is not a right, but a privilege.

    Clan Reqs/Rules

    - Be mature
    - Reasonable Kill/Death ratio
    - Be active as possible. We're aiming for below 500.
    - Should have a reasonable ping.
    - Be a model. Acting like a badass will disparage ECoA's reputation.
    - Do not hack/cheat.
    - Respect other members of CrossFire. If you trouble with someone, make sure to inform a Lieutenant or Leader.
    - Constant spamming in clan-chat will lead to kicks. If you'd like to discuss with someone, do it in a private room, or as whisper/pmssage.

    Application Form

    • IGN:
    • Nationality:
    • Honorable Soldier Ribbon: Yes/No, if no, why?
    • Ping in UK servers:
    • Age:

    Why ECoA?

    Well, we're playing for fun, mostly in public rooms, but we do also make private rooms just for the clan. Sometimes we play with special rules, such as m700, M9, Glock, or even Winchester or Uzi, only. Which we find pretty fun. We do also make videos, or we will. We got some raw footage from CWs and/or scrims, which we will make fragshows off. Also we will make videos of random footage, if you'd like to. I'm planing to make a Channel where anyone from ECoA can upload footage.


    ECoA is still a clan under process. It's still pretty new started up, after some time inactive. We do have some, or a quite many, inactive players who will be kicked somewhat soon. We'd really like some cool members who would stay for a while, and build up a relationship with me, and the members. I really miss someone I can wait for. A guy I waits for when I'm playing. A guy I get glad when I see logs on. If you'd like to participate building up a pretty clan with potential to be a great, friendly clan, you can freely apply to us.
    You can expect to come to a kind clan, that loves to get new recruits.
    Also we have some foreign players who don't speak English too well, who also will be kicked. I'd appreciate getting some help to build up the clan.
    You may already have a clan, that you maybe don't like so much(?), but you have friends in it, and these friends you don't want to leave. Take a talk with them, maybe they come along with you.

    I'm not sure how my reputation is in the forum, and in-game, but please take this kindly. Sorry for my English, but I do hope it was understandable.
    For people who doesn't seem to be interested after reading this, I wish you the best of luck in the future in-game or in even in life.


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    Good luck recruiting!

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