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    Basilisk recruitment thread

    We have
    the power to cause
    death with a single glance.
    -Invite Only-

    clan info:

    -We are a clan that knows how to have fun
    -We like to do lots of clan war's together
    -we treat each other with respect
    -we also have our s5 team system for competitive matches


    -Ventrilo is a must for clan war's or scrimmage
    -Be respectful
    -need to practice before going into any matches
    -ping lower than 100
    -Speaks English
    -No Hacking/ Glitching or Farming

    Application: (All applications without this format will be denied.)

    -Honorable Soldier ribbon:
    (if not, why)
    -Did anyone recruit you?:
    -Favorite Mode:
    -Do you enjoy playing CWs?:
    -How active are you?:

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