England <3
– Recruitment

England <3 Is an English/Europe based clan that offers many good things, we are very relaxed and a fun clan overall.

We are a small and personal clan, if you are looking for a group of people to hang with and just have a good time England <3 is the clan for you.

We are currently composed of 28 members which are all rather active, sociable and all friendly and nice overall, it isn't too hard to be accepted as a clan member and as a buddy, we clan war if someone wants to and we do good, we aren't the best but we do good.

The clan is not only meant for English players, but for players to speak English, the name will be changed soon

We currently have two LT's (Lee) (Roro.) And the clan leader (Railyx)

What we expect from our clan members :

- Play frequently, we understand that everyone has lifes outside of Crossfire so don‘t worry about getting kicked if you don‘t dedicate your life to crossfire.

- Be friendly

- Recruit those you would like to join, we are always open to new members so don‘t worry about your buddies not getting in.

- Play honorably, don‘t cheat, not everyone is good so we‘d rather you do bad than cheat your way to do good.

- Only speak English in clan chat, English doesn‘t have to be your first language (It isn‘t mine) but keep other languages out of clan chat

Application form :

- Location

- K.D Ration

- Ventrilo y/n

- Extra useful info

- Extra points for telling us about yourself

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