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    Deflect™ Recruitment Thread

    We are a Worldwide community of enthusiastic Crossfire players that play for the competitive side as well as the fun and relaxed side.
    What we offer:
    We can offer YOU a community of friends who will take your gaming experience to the next level(Cheesy right?). We have a MUMBLE SERVER that eases communications in game, as well as a MUSIC CHANNEL that has various DJ's. If you are interested in stepping your game up from the RECREATIONAL level, we have a very COMPETITIVE team that is about to take over the Clan Server!
    Clan Requirements!:
    » Must speak at least basic English.
    » Minimum level of Master Sergeant.
    » Min. 10 CP per week.
    » Mumble and ability to hear us. MICS PERFERRED
    » Must keep a POSITIVE KDR.
    » Must be active. If you are inactive for more then 1 week without noticing the staff you will be kicked from the clan.
    (Please leave a message, we will be happy to read and understanding your situation.)
    » Behave yourself in Public and Clan war matches.
    » Follow the clan rules.
    » Must have other Guns Beside M700 and M16
    Clan Application!!:
    » Age:
    » MIC:
    » Time Zone/Location:
    » AVG. Ping:
    » AVG. Exp/day:
    » And have other guns besides M16 and M700
    Clan Rules!:
    » You Must Respect Clan Members & Everyone Else
    » No Swearing
    » Don't Try To Do Clan War Without a LT / Leader / S5 Member Unless You Ask Them Or Do It With Them
    » If Caught Hacking, You Will Be Kicked/Banned
    » At least get 10 clan points every week
    » Be Active
    Apply Today:

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