iam H3xor*H*, the leader of PsychO-X
iam a professional Sniper and can learn
u Quickzoom,mainsniping and coversniping..

I was in Clans: Deadly*Ones,LND,G4gang,Rising Force...
And i have some friend of this clans in my clan.
We are active,but we have not so many guys.

Youtubechannel: YouTube - Kanaal van H3xorultraX

We are a Averrage Clan with K/D +1.5
We are rank ~3600~
And u can join us with this rank:

Our favorit maps are:
Power Plant

We have 2 Clanalliances:

1: *usf*
2: *NeverN*

Our Clanpage is:
*1* www.psycho-x.(tk)

I have creat it,it`s a forum,guestbook,downloads,news.....

So that was #About us#
I hope u like us,when yes, u can join us?!

Ok let`s see us in clan...

Link to our clan: Z8Games ? Home of the Best Free MMO Games - Clans - Clan Home

H3xor*H* your leader.