Walking in glory

Clan Summary
Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart, and mind, devotion is the key to all the locks... Devotion UK Server clan , English , International and Competitive.
Be sure to check the application tab before applying.

Clan Requirements
♣ Rank preferred to be 2nd LT or above (Exceptions CAN be made)
♣ Having a Mic for Mumble-Ts3-Ven
♣ Active
♣ Mature
♣ Sense of gaming
♣ Positive KDR
♣ Speaking Fluent English

Clan Rules
♣ English in clan chat.
♣ No Hacking/Glitching.
♣ Be active as much as you could.
♣ Respect all Clan members.
♣ people insulting other members will be kicked.

Clan Application
Country :
mic :
Ping in UK server ? :
How did you know about us ? :