#Faze Recruiting !
Clan War Wins:2
Clan War Loss:0

This is Clan #Faze (It's a World Wide Clan), This Clan is for People that like to have fun, that are competitive , and active. You dont have to have 1.0+ KDR to be in the clan , But if you don't have 1.0+ Kdr you cannot do any clan wars In this Clan, Fill out the Application & Read the Clan Rules Before joining Thanks.

#Faze - Application (Reason Why)
I want people that are joining this clan to fill out the application to get to know the person some more.


#Faze - Rules & Requirements
-No Hackers.
-No Cursing at Other Clan Members.
-Always treat each other with respect.
-Must have positive kdr and be active (3 days or more a week)
-Must do 3 clan wars a day or more.

-1.0+ KDR *In Order To Do Clan Wars*
-M4A1/AK,AWM/Other,Desert eagle,any knife,Any thrown wep.
-Clan bag

#Faze - Clan War Rules
Before Clan waring must ask everyone on to cw
-Must use raid call don't have to have a mic just have to listen.
-No RQing unless hackers or other reason.
-Hold Shift When Walking
-Dont QQ
-Dont argue with other clan if they call us names
be chill and just play.

#Faze - Active , InActivity & Recruiting
Active: Must be on at least twice a week to not get kicked from this clan unless you have a specific reason.

Inactive: You cannot be inactive, this clan will not tolerate any inactivity in this clan. You will be kicked unless you have a reason tell the Leader or Lt.

Recruiting: When you are online Recruit 1 or 2 players max every week be sure that their ratio is 1.0+ and that they do not hack.